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The Cosmic OM Tuner is also the Heart Chakra tuning fork in the 7 Chakra Set, 8 Chakra Set and 9 Chakra Set.

The Cosmic OM Tuner is tuned specially to resonate with the 'Cosmic Om' vibration. It is wonderful in mediation, journeying, in an energywork session, or just 'tuning in' to Universal Energies. It is relaxing, soothing, balancing, grounding and sedative.

The ancient Indians were given this tone intuitively in meditation as they opened up to the cosmos. The sitar and tambura music are tuned to this keynote. This keynote is called "sadja" or the "father of the others", the everlasting, never-ceasing tone. It is the frequency of the soul.It resonates to the color
Blue-Green. This fork is also the Heart fork of the Chakra Set.

This fork is NOT based on a musical scale. The frequency of this fork is calculated based on the rotation of the planets around the Sun. This fork is the EARTH YEAR.

This fork is the 32nd octave of the Earth-Year. The base of this tone is the rotation of the Earth around the Sun, which is responsible for the changing of the seaons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. It resonates to the time it takes the Earth to rotate around the sun, which is one year or 365 days.

Two meridians carry this frequency throughout the entire body. They are the Ren (Central or Conception Vessel) and the Du (the Governing Vessel). Two points on the Ren meridian carry this frequency promoting deep relaxation and sedation. They are on the central line of the sternum between the breasts and on the central line of the sternum just below the heart on the base of the sternum. This will also encourage the gentle opening of the heart chakra. You can also tone the fork and move over the heart chakra between the breasts.

There are also two points on the Du Meridian which have a soothing and pain-relieving affect on the body, as well as relaxing the buttocks. The first point is at the bottom tip of the coccyx and the second is at the upper end of coccyx where it meets the sacrum.

Simply activate the fork and place the stem end on any of these.

C# - 136.1 Hz (approx. 7 3/4" long)

I kindly thank John Beaulieu and Hans Cousto for their research and development of this special tuning fork.














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